Cup-a-Saurus ®™

Cup-A-Saurus Triceratop

Price: $149.00 (plus shipping)

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3 Station cup turner - Compact production cup turner.

Many colors to choose from

 Compact design only 12" long, 6" tall and 12" wide without cups

Mix and match the foam on any spindle to turn any size cup. Comes with 3 removable spindles and foam.

Super quiet. Very sturdy.

If you're looking for a high quality production machine this is the highest quality turner around.

Standard rotisserie 4 watt motor - 4 rpm. All stations turn the same direction.

If you're looking for a larger unit we have a 5 and 9 station units.


Are they quiet? 

Yes, they are very quiet.  No screeching or grinding.  Most of our customers have been most excited by this feature!

Are they sturdy?

Sturdy and level!  Load all stations or just one and cups will turn steady and level.

How long are the spindles?

We use 3/4" PVC with a custom attachment for the Cup-A-Saurus turner.  They are 8 1/2" long.  

What kind of foam do they come with?

We are now shipping the Triceratop with 2 kinds of foam.  First our exclusive Foam-Tastic which fits 20-40 ounce cups and a small 2 1/2" white foam for skinny cups.