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Are they quiet? 

Yes!  They are super quiet.  Quit enough for your bedroom! 

Are they sturdy?

Our turners are designed to be steady whether you have cups loaded on one or both sides.   Combination of size cups can also be used with no problem.  We tested our 3 station turner by putting a 4 lb crystal ice vase on one side and it still ran like charm!   One 40 oz tumbler weighs less than a pound so even the small turner can carry a load!

What Size Are the Spindles?

Our spindles are 9" long and we add a 3/4 coupler on the end for extra length or to help secure smaller pieces of foam.  Spindle accommodates all sizes of foam  pool noodles as well as foam footballs.    Some crafters prefer longer spindles, which we will provide as a special order.

Do the spindles come with foam or footballs?

We include 3 sizes of foam that fit on the 3/4" pvc spindles.  2 1/2", 3" and 3 1/2" foam (similar to pool noodle)  We include one half foam football as well for those who prefer a foam football.  Unlike other spindles, foam can be removed and /or combined with other foam depending on the size needed for your cup.  If you prefer the foam football from dollar tree,  it's easy to attach the football to our spindles.  There is no need to glue the foam to the spindle unless it's your preferred method.   Additional spindles can be purchased if needed.  Our goal is to get you started with the ability to use our turner and spindles for 20, 30 and 40 oz tumblers.  

Do I need to oil or lubricate the gears?

NO!   The Cup-A-Saurus will run for hundreds of  hours without any maintenance.  If you want to take a look "under the hood"  feel free to do so. You'll find everything running smooth!  

Will they last?

YES!   The Cup-A-Saurus is made with steel shafts and ball bearings.  A "patent pending' design made to last for the hobbits or professional.  If by chance it gets dropped or damaged, it can always be sent to our shop for repair.  

What about the motor?

The Cup-A-Saurus comes with a standard 4 watt rotisserie motor.  What makes it different is that the motor comes with a special bracket making is easy to replace.   While we expect the motor to last a year or more,  eventually it will wear out, just like the tires on your car.   At that time, you can purchase a new motor from us, or you can go out and buy your own and use our motor bracket for the new motor.

Do they wobble?

NO, NO, NO!  Our "patent pending" design has taken the wobble out of the rotisserie motor turner.   Cup-A-Saurus has been made to run smooth and quiet.   Starting with our steel shafts, bearings,  chain tensioner and frame,  and on to the perfect fit of the spindle to the pvc spindle adapters, you won't get a more steady turn!